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One-Stop Trading Platform

Multi-exchange trading and managing assets at the same time only at Fluxr.

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A powerful way to maximize trader’s abilities

Trading is an action from multiple points of interaction, which means it requires a lot of context switching. So we decided to build the fast and seamless trading experience ever.

A single interface for multi-exchange

Trading, Assets, and Market Trends.

Spread exists everywhere. We built the necessary components to connect multiple exchange with an elegant user interface. Our novel approach is to accelerate execution capability and maximize trading experience.


Connect your multiple exchange accounts and trade at Fluxr. You don’t need to open multiple tabs on your browser anymore.


You can also visualize your scattered assets in one-place.

Market Trends

Never lose the most crucial trend in the market and catch up on the latest news and information at all times (coming soon).


Move anywhere. Search any pair you want. We carve out each dot to be connected.



Can you imagine trading without derivatives? We will be offering Futures, Volatility, and Predictions soon. Please stay updated with us!


The backbone of trading is infrastructure. We specifically designed it from years of experience building a successful crypto trading firm covering arbitrage to HFT.


Don’t waste your time to record and update your investment. Instead, we built a dashboard with handcrafted metrics.

Building visualized portfolio natively integrate with your exchange. We update your asset automatically.


Security and Privacy is our first priority.

Multi-factor auth is enforced for all users importing API keys. TOTP is available.

All data related to our service, such as traffic to the website, API, user data, is encrypted.

Your privacy matters the most. Fluxr anonymizes all data processed by third party analytics tool.

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The beta version will be available for free, and the official version will be released later.

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